Acceptable use policy

Who can use the site?

The site is available for anyone to use providing:

You are over the age of 16.

Not a registered sex offender

Have not been blocked by us before or held an account that has been suspended or removed.

You use your real name and contact details to register.

You comply with our terms and conditions

Create only one account that is yours (excluding family accounts – where a sub account may be created but only activated by a user registering their own details on that account and over the age of 16)

Use the site for personal use

not share your password, give access to your account to others or transfer your account to anyone else (without our permission).

Use of the of the site does not infringe any laws or legislations where you reside.


What you may do


You may post pictures and media and content on the site in the public and private areas providing:

You ensure that you are the owner of that content or have permission to use that content and that you are not infringing any intellectual or copyright laws and that they are free from viruses and malware. We shall not be responsible for user generated content in any way. When using the public area your name and content will be visible to other users and visitors of the site. You should not post any sensitive information that could be detrimental to your person

Engage with, comment on other users posts and use the products and services on the site providing you comply with our terms of service and do so in a responsible and respectful way.



What you can’t do

We monitor user generated content that is shared publicly and will take immediate action against any individual in breach of our terms and conditions or seemed behaving inappropriately including but not limited to account suspension or deletion without notice and all data of that user will be removed and irrecoverable. We may also take legal action against malicious behaviour.


Post or comment on content that is deemed offensive to others including content that is but not limited to:


Showing violence


Using Profane or offensive language

Purposefully Insight Political or religious hatred or argument.

Use the website, products or services for business or marketing purposes

Act is a deceitful way to other users or try to obtain personal information or sensitive information.


Upload viruses, malware or anything that interferes or would interfere with the normal operating or functionality of the site.

Download or attempt to download, copy, replicate or distribute any of the material, software, Products or services that are owned by us.


Bullying or harassment of other users on the site will not be tolerated and will lead to account suspension or termination without notice



Reporting abuse / inappropriate behaviour.

There are methods on the site to report users inappropriate or offensive behaviour alternatively you can email us at

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