Love is beyond time and space


Rest in peace , covid-19 was set up to share memories, dedicated to all the family that have lost their loved ones to share their own story.

The site is a place where people can share videos and stories, making the world strong, let language have no barriers.

That’s why we think Videos are the best way to share a story ,to help anybody going through any stress or anxiety, we are here to support each and everyone.


We hope this site will be an inspiration to people, the true meaning of life in 2020 is sharing and caring, supporting the nurses and supporting your neighbours.

That’s why we have set up channels of encouragement and support from people that we think are inspirational in the world today.

Let’s All Stand Together, Let us all have respect, honour and dedication.

Please pick a category that may inspire you to have a voice.


This site is built on Love, please share this site with friends and family of all countries and Nations.

As we truly look to the human soul we realise energy grows, we are stronger together.

Let us build a community of mindfulness,Please listen to your inner voice and Live in love.

X Thank you x

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